Pre Flop in Texas Hold’em

Your pre flop in Texas Hold’em is possibly one of the most important moves you will make in your game with little knowledge of the hand in question. Your move here will also more than likely change the dynamics and speed of the game and naturally the final three moves.

At this point, the professional player is certainly at an advantage as he watches his opponents looking at their cards – He will be looking for facial expressions and body language that he has learnt over time. Most professional players will fold pre flop if dealt a bad hand. This not only keeps the pot at a low, but it also maintains your very own bankroll by not betting on a hand that is more than likely going to loose if you have a table seated with the maximum of people.

To use a winning pre-flop strategy effectively and to your advantage, you have to make sure that you are playing your hands well by raising and re-raising with perhaps a bluffing technique. When using this type of technique you have to also remember that when playing with experienced players this can be picked easily by them and it can be turned against you in the end.

When playing Texas Holdem, you have to have your wits about you as the game is generally played with aggression, and this can be done from the onset of the game irrespective of your seating position, strike when the iron is hot if you have been dealt a top hand. Many players believe also that by starting the game off slowly will give you better insight to what is happening with the other players hands, but this is very risky as it will give your opponents the opportunity to strategize.

So let’s put his into a nut shell, if you’ve played Hold ’em or any other high card poker game for that matter, you will be aware that pocket aces are regarded as the best starting hand as well as a pair of Kings.

With hands such as the above you certainly have a strong case and should raise a pre-flop – sure this does not mean that you are going to win hands down, but you certainly have a fighting chance – more so if you have say a pair of nines or fives.