PokerStars Split Holdem

PokerStars Split Holdem has been unplugged – At this point there has not been any Press Release from the Giants, but there is a lot of speculation that this was unplugged due to players lack of interest.

Having given Split Holdem a good six week trial in the market place the PokerStars HQ obviously decided to pull the plug on this version of Holdem even though in theory it did come across as something fun to add to the game.

As the game went, the second flop, the turn and the river was a great way to shuffle things up a little, but at the end of the day it was a gimmick.

Poker players as well as most gamblers certainly like to have new things thrown at them, but one has to understand that with new innovations comes the waiting game – after countless hours of trial and error before a product is ready for a launch the product is then put out there for the public to experience – it is at this point that the game or the game variation can make the grade or fail and if they get it right or close to right they have to keep tinkering and tweaking it until it finally works one hundred percent.

Critiques out there are saying that perhaps Slip Holdem is more for the home type poker players as it is a perfect dealers choice game that you can play a number of times every hour and that it would be rather a hard way to eke out a living with this game