Blaze Poker

Blaze Poker is not a variation of any type of poker game.

Blaze poker is a program from Microgaming that allows poker enthusiasts to play in a fast action pool of players within the same stake range, or to play multiple games at the same time.

The system is such that as soon as the game currently being played is finished, or the player decides to fold, the player is automatically placed at a new table with a new group of players with the same bet limit. This means for example, a player can be faced with playing Texas Hold-em in one instance and be transferred to another game that could be playing Omaha Hi-Lo, or another type of poker game.

The pace at which this exciting format can be played is up to four times the speed of normal poker games.

Games that require a blind are automatically selected and assigned to players who have been there the longest without posting them. In the actual play of the game players have the same amount of time as in a normal game to decide what action they wish to take.