Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker Not Recommended

In the early years of the online poker boom, Carbon was a good room, but Carbon Poker is no longer recommended for players.

They started to develop a bit if a reputation for very slow payments and sometimes even making unwarranted excuses for not paying players their winnings. There were even some rumors that they had a habit of banning winning players. (this is known as a rumor only and was never confirmed)

Winning Players are Good for Poker Rooms

In reality a winning players is great for an online poker room.

Winning players can at times create more excitement at the tables. And since the revenue at a poker room is generated from the “rake”, a winning player will generally be involved in far more hands that are raked so they will pay more in rake overall.

This helps prove it is just plain dumb to ban winning players.

What Network Should We Play

Carbon ran their games under the Merge Poker Network, so if you were a fan of or considering carbon poker you can sill play that network.

We actually recommend 2 different poker rooms where you can play on the merge network.

You can see our reviews of the rooms here, BetOnline Poker Room or Sportsbetting Poker.


It’s too bad what happened at carbon, but we feel it is not likely the last time a poker room sours their reputation.

Internationally Carbon Poker Room and their reputation have continued to diminish and although they did offer a wide variety of poker including the regular popular games of Texas Holdem, H.O.R.S.E., Omaha and variants, 7 Card Stud and variants and 5 card Stud and variants. In conclusion we encourage you to read through our other Poker Room Reviews here at African Poker Guide.