Cincinnati Poker

Cincinnati Poker is what is known as a variation of standard poker and referred to as a home game. This is especially a great game for a novice to try out their skills due to the fact that there are very little restrictions to the game. The game can be played with as many as ten players, but is found to be more comfortable with a maximum of eight players.

Cincinnati Poker is also regarded as a wild game as players are first dealt 4 cards each which are face down as well as the dealer having four (hole) cards also face down. The aim of the game is for the players to use their four cards as well as the dealers four cards to make up the best five card hand.

Before play can commence, each player must place an ante – this amount is normally ten percent of the betting limit.

Four cards are then dealt to each player including the dealer face down – The players then take up their cards and the first round of betting takes place from the left hand side of the dealer – players then have the options to bet, check or fold.

Round two begins with the dealer placing one of the hole cards he has been dealt face up – this is now a community card that the players are then allowed to use if they need to and then a round of betting takes place.

The next three round are played in the same manner as round two until all four of the dealers cards are available to all the players still in the game.

The Showdown begins when all the players have completed their last round of betting and have the best five card hand which also can include cards drawn from the dealers hold cards that became community cards through each round.