5 Card Stud Poker

Stud Poker first originated during the American Civil War and was played by soldiers of both sides. From 1971 to 1974 5 Card Stud Poker was one of the preliminary events in the World Series of Poker, but due to its decline in popularity it has been left out of future events.

The term Stud Poker, refers to any game of poker where cards are dealt face down and face up. In Five Card Stud each player is first dealt a card face down followed by a face up card.

The person with the highest face up card value then starts the betting. This means that the person starting the betting can vary from round to round so is not in a predictive format as in other games of poker.

A further face up card is dealt and the player with the best poker hand will now continue the betting. This may not be the same player who originally started the betting.

A third face up card is dealt and the same process is followed, as will be the fifth card. At this stage there are four face up cards in front of each player, with each player still holding their face down card. The term ‘Ace in the Hole’ comes from this, as the player may have an important card that no one else has seen.

Betting will continue until the other players have discarded their hands, also known as folding, or the raiser of the pot is called. At this point the player must show his hole card to determine who has the higher hand and is the winner.