Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournaments have over the years become an exciting norm among Poker players worldwide.

A number of Online Poker Rooms now participate in the top World Tournaments as well as providing in house Tournaments that run on a Daily/Weekly and Monthly basis. These Tournaments can and do run into Thousands of ZAR/£/€ and $, and there is also the possibility of qualifying for a seat at some of the most prestigious Tournaments such as WSOP.

It may seem daunting for a novice poker player to even think of reaching these heights, but it is not impossible – everyone at the top started at the bottom. It is generally very easy to get into the game as most Online Casinos offer player strategy and know how about each game. Once the player feels confident/comfortable enough, they are at liberty to start playing against other poker players. As you will not know who you are playing against, and how experienced that player may be, remember that they too do not know who they are playing against or how experienced you are.

There are so many types of Tournaments available, and each Poker Room has pretty much its own “special event”

We have listed a few Tournaments which we feel will be of interest to you and also where these Tournaments are held – Click onto the Poker Room Name and see what they have on offer.

Carbon Poker

  • Guaranteed Tournaments
  • Sunday “Big Ticket”
  • Sunday “Lineup”
  • Nightly Tournaments
  • Sit & Go Tournaments
  • Early Bird Tournaments
  • Nightly Owl Tournaments
  • Satellite Tournaments
  • Re-Entry Tournaments
  • Knockout Tournaments
  • Variety Hour Tournaments

Titan Poker

  • Satellite Tournaments – Tournaments around the world
  • Knockout Tournaments
  • Deepstack poker Tournaments
  • Bounty Tournaments
  • Shootout Tournaments
  • Multi-Table Tournaments
  • Single Table Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker

  • Avatar Tournaments
  • The Big Little Tournament
  • Freeroll Tournmants
  • Guarantee Tournaments
  • Sunday Major Tournaments
  • 100 Points Tournaments
  • Happy Hour Tournaments

Poker Stars

  • Sunday Millions Tournament
  • Sunday Warm-Up
  • Sunday Storm
  • Sunday Majors
  • MicroMillions
  • Saturday Line-Up
  • Omania
  • The Hot Turbos
  • The Daily Bigs
  • Sunday Billion
  • Women’s Sunday
  • MTT Leader Board
  • Battle of the Planets
  • Daily & Weekly Tournaments
  • Live Event Satellites
  • VIP Tournaments