Poker Variations

As there are so many poker variations some of which were created around the 1900’s in the U.S.A., it would be almost impossible to source out each and every one, although over time we hope to increase our list of game history and strategies.

Each poker game or the variation of that specific poker game has its own set of rules – The game may play as a Hi or Lo game or the amount of cards dealt may differ or wheather the cards are dealt face up or face down to the players.

These rules that are set aside for each game have to be applied to, failing which the game and the control of the game will become unplayable. Game variations may also change from location to location

It can not be stressed enough how many entertaining and unique poker variations are available today, and although it’s highly unlikely that each and every game is found in a casino or poker room, they have been played in homes and other private settings.

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