Caribbean Stud Poker

With Poker playing on the increase, casinos came up with the game that we all know as Caribbean Stud Poker. There is very little history to the beginnings of this game although gambling expert David Sklansky claimed this game as his creation in 1982 under the name of Casino Poker. Having not been able to patent the game, David together with another poker player went on to bringing the game of Aruba to light.

At the start of each game and prior to cards been dealt out, each player is required to place his/her ante on the table. The player will then if they choose to participate indicate that they are interested in participating in the Progressive Jackpot feature if this is available – once all these rules have been accepted and/or acknowledged the game will then proceed.

Each player, including the dealer receives five cards face down. The dealer then proceeds by turning over his first card – at this point all players are then able to take up their cards and see what they have and decide on whether they are going to fold or raise (2 X the Ante).

Once all the players still in the game have placed their bets, the dealer will then reveal all four of his remaining cards to the players. The dealer is only permitted to play on if his/her hand contains an Ace and a King, forms a pair or he holds a high ranking poker hand.

The dealers hand is then compared to those of the players one by one – The ante bets of players who beat the dealer are then paid out individually and all raised bets are then returned to each rightful player. In the case where there is a tie between the player and the dealer, the ante as well as the raised bet is returned to the player.

Remember that when playing poker, irrespective of whether it is Caribbean Stud Poker or Texas Holdem that although some games may seem lighthearted, most players view their game as serious, and there is a etiquette that goes with the game that needs to be followed – Rules and regulations are generally pout in place to protect each and every player as well as the Casino/Dealer.