Razz Poker

There is little known on the history of when Razz Poker actually became a known poker game that has through the years become a very well patronized game today. It appears that this game was derived shortly after the game of Seven Card Stud and the best hand for a win in this game is A-2-3-4-5 while your normal straights and flushes do not count for anything.

The object of this game is pretty simple in that your lowest value cards are your winning cards, in other words each number stands at its face value and the Ace in this case is the lowest which stands at the value of one.

The start of the game is also pretty much the same in that all players wanting to participate first have to place their Ante on the table, thereafter three cards are dealt to each player and each player will then in turn take their highest card and place that on the table face up – the player with the highest card starts the betting.

On completion of this round, the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds take place in the same manner, with all players each being dealt one card face up per round and betting taking place.

The seventh card also known as the River is then also dealt to each player face up and the last round of beeting takes place. To complete the game, a showdown is then brought about with the players using the two cards they have in their hands that they were first dealt to them and any other 3 cards that have been placed face up on the table to form their lowest poker hand.