Tight aggressive Poker

Right at the beginning, when poker was first started; the men who sat around any poker table could hold their own. They did not falter in their decisions and they certainly did not play weak hands.

This is where TAG (Tight Aggressive Poker) comes from. In recent years things have changed considerably and now there are more poker rooms, land based as well as online, than what there ever have been, which has opened the game of poker up to far more people.

There are two types of players that have emerged in recent times, one is “loose play player” and the other is TAG player. A loose play player is generally someone who is not picky about what poker table they sit at or what game of poker they play. During the game, this player will take time to decide what he/she is going to do, how much their wager will be and will consider all the options before proceeding with the game.

The TAG player however is totally different. This player chooses his tables, his opponents and his game. This player will assess a table before sitting down to take part. During the game this player does not have any tells, will not falter when it comes to betting, will never fold during the game, will normally raise at every round of betting to push the pot up as high as possible and will in many ways be quiet an intimidating player.

Players who are sitting with a TAG player at their table will never be able to deduce what this player has in his/her hand and hence it will be difficult to read whether this player is bluffing or if this person has a good hand.

To play the TAG method, you must have a very good understanding of the high cards in poker, have a reasonable bankroll, be confident in your game and be able to conduct yourself in such a manner that there are absolutely no tells at all. TAG players are aggressive, intimidating and certainly not sitting at the poker table to make friends, they are there to win the pot and will go to any legal lengths to achieve that goal.